Gynaecological Endoscopy

Gynecological binoculars:

Laparoscopy is an operation performed in the abdomen using small incisions to perform major surgeries that were previously performed by opening the abdomen, such as hysterectomy, ovarian cysts, fibroids, or adhesions, and are characterized by better aesthetics and shorter recovery time.


Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows your doctor to look inside your uterus in order to diagnose and treat causes of abnormal bleeding. Hysteroscopy is done using a hysteroscope, a thin, lighted tube that is inserted into the vagina to examine the cervix and inside of the uterus. An operative hysteroscopy can be used to remove polyps, fibroids and adhesions.

The laparoscopic instruments were divided into:


to remove the adhesions in the pelvis to remove the cysts from the ovaries, to treat the endometrial migration, to remove the appropriate fibroids. Ectopic pregnancy.


in cases of late pregnancy, chronic pelvic pain, to check on the integrity of the fallopian tubes.


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